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Reiki: Adopt as a Life style

Everyone is tensed and stressed out at every field whether it is a home front, work place, society level, country level or even at international level. If we start from home, tension begins with earning a decent amount of money to tackle all the necessity expenses. For this only husband’s salary is inadequate so the […]

Role of Reiki in Personality Development

Reiki is a very simple, gentle and effective system of transmitting universal life- energy through hands-on-healing or distance sending. It is used for healing in a broader sense: the healing of the body, emotions, mind, spiritual healing and growth. It facilitates life, growth, healing, transformation, manifestation, balance, inner peace, oneness and the light in which […]

Reiki can Reverse the Bad Effects of Work Stress

Workplace stress management is the most common problem today. Stress in any workplace can be due to increased expectations, long working hours, excess work load, inadequate sleep and body rest, less time devoted to family, office politics, competition, lack of corporate recognition, job insecurity, company reorganization or new mergers and acquisitions. Here, Reiki has been […]

“Preserving Ocular Wellness: Nurturing Vision Through Reiki Holistic Healing”

The human eyes constitute the quintessential sensory organ, serving as our primary conduit for perceiving and comprehending the world around us. Nevertheless, the maintenance of ocular well-being often remains an overlooked facet within the spectrum of routine health practices. Across the course of a lifetime, nearly everyone encounters some form of ocular issue. While many […]

“Cultivating Inner Peace and Positivity: Embracing the Principle of Affinity”

Individuals seeking inner tranquility, serenity, and relief from stress are encouraged to embrace and actively engage with the fundamental principle of Affinity, which centers on the concept that similar energies attract one another. Our thought processes possess the remarkable ability to attract corresponding emotions and sentiments. Pondering over past grievances and instances of disappointment can […]

“Harmonizing Relationships Through Reiki: Cultivating Balance and Healing”

Nurturing Healthy Relationships Through the Power of Reiki Undoubtedly, relationships hold immense significance in the fabric of every individual’s life. Cultivating and sustaining healthy relationships not only shields us from unnecessary emotional turmoil but also shields us from the stressors that life can bring. Reiki, a potent therapeutic practice, offers invaluable assistance in addressing the […]

“Reiki’s Illuminating Influence: Stories of Hope Amidst Uncertainty”

Reiki: Illuminating Hope for Those in Distress Reiki, an ancient healing practice, has often been a source of solace for individuals facing challenges beyond the ordinary. Its transformative potential extends even to moments of uncertainty, as shown by the following instances. In September 2010, a poignant situation emerged when a young neighbor’s disappearance left a […]

“Cultivating Resilient Relationships and Emotional Healing: The Transformative Power of Reiki”

A harmonious romantic relationship necessitates mutual happiness and a source of vitality for both parties involved. Its foundation should be rooted in joy, appreciation, active listening, and profound love. An individual should feel at ease in expressing their true self within the partnership. The partner ought to demonstrate unwavering support for personal growth and development, […]

“Reiki: Empowering Rapid Relief – A Personal Anecdote”

Reiki – A Rapid Soothing Solution On the evening of October 23, 2017, as I embarked on a flight from Mumbai to Delhi, an intriguing encounter unfolded. Seated beside me was a young lady grappling with a vexing throat ailment that manifested as discomfort and persistent coughing. Initiating an introduction, I offered my contact card […]