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Navigating Challenges with Reiki Energy: Stories of Timely Journeys and Graceful Resolutions

On a Saturday night twelve years ago, I embarked on a journey to the airport via taxi in order to catch a flight scheduled for 9:20 PM to Mumbai from New Delhi. I departed from home well in advance, and the taxi maintained an appropriate speed until I crossed the DND flyover. However, upon reaching the outer ring road, the speed considerably decreased to a range of 10 to 15 kilometers per hour. Given that the distance to the airport from my residence was approximately 40 kilometers, I had covered merely 20 to 25 kilometers at this point. A significant bottleneck emerged near IIT Delhi due to ongoing metro construction, resulting in severely constrained road width and a correspondingly sluggish pace. Consequently, the prospect of making the flight, set for 8:15 PM, appeared increasingly untenable.

In response to this challenging situation, I initiated the practice of transmitting Reiki energy to alleviate the traffic congestion and to facilitate the smooth departure of the airplane, thus mitigating the risk of missing the flight. As a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner, I possessed the capability to engage in distance Reiki transmission. By the time I reached the airport at 9:00 PM, a further complication arose: I needed to obtain a physical ticket printout from the counter since my home printer was inoperable. Upon arriving at the ticket counter, I encountered an additional hurdle. An individual engaged in a disagreement with the counter staff, causing further delay. This encounter unfolded at 9:05 PM, leaving me with only a marginal window of opportunity. Swiftly approaching the entry gate personnel, I succinctly relayed my circumstances. The gate attendant promptly intervened, urging the counter personnel to expedite the printing of my ticket before attending to the aforementioned dissatisfied passenger. Subsequently, the gate attendant facilitated the luggage screening process and issuance of my boarding pass. To catch the final shuttle to the aircraft, a race against time ensued, with repeated announcements of my name as a last call. Fortuitously, I reached the aircraft, embarked via the boarding stairs, witnessed the closure of the aircraft door, and immediately assumed my seat as the plane commenced its departure.

This successful outcome was facilitated through the application of Reiki energy, supported by the Second Degree symbol CKR, enabling the timely capture of the flight.

A parallel predicament confronted one of my fellow passengers, Mr. Singh, during a journey aboard the August Kranti Rajdhani train from New Delhi to Mumbai six years ago. Approximately two hours into the journey, our train unexpectedly came to a halt due to engine issues, necessitating a three-hour wait for the arrival of a replacement engine. Consequently, our arrival in Mumbai was delayed by six hours due to signal complications.

Among the passengers was a young naval officer facing a similar predicament. He was required to catch a connecting train to Goa from Mumbai’s LTT station within an hour. The arduous traffic conditions in Mumbai rendered timely arrival seemingly impossible, potentially resulting in professional penalties due to his impending duty assignment. Financial constraints ruled out the feasibility of air travel. In this context, I suggested an alternative strategy: to endeavor catching the train at Panvel station, located approximately two hours away from our current station. The requisite details, including his name, age, address, and the train he aimed to board, were provided to me. Assuring him of my assistance through Reiki, I commenced sending healing energy to support his timely journey.

After a span of two hours, he contacted me to share his success: he had managed to board the train just in the nick of time. Expressing gratitude, he attributed his timely achievement to the power of Reiki.

During the previous October, my elder son visited, with his return journey scheduled on a Durga Puja special premium train departing at 2:00 PM from New Delhi. Misinterpreting the time as 4:00 PM in his haste, he initially planned to use the metro for his journey to New Delhi. Commencing my Reiki practice for his safe passage, he subsequently realized his error before embarking on the metro journey. A prompt call to me rectified his misunderstanding, and he implored me to invoke Reiki assistance to enable him to catch his train. Recognizing the inadvisability of metro travel given the circumstances, he opted for an auto-rickshaw, given the 20-kilometer distance to the station. Navigating through dense traffic, the feat of arriving punctually appeared nearly insurmountable. Nonetheless, thanks to the fortuitous influence of Reiki energy, he managed to reach the station with a mere ten-minute cushion before the train’s departure.

The underlying premise of these instances underscores the profound potential of Reiki energy, akin to a divine intervention, to navigate challenging scenarios and ensure favorable outcomes.

A noteworthy caveat: The application of such practices is recommended exclusively when confronted with blocked routes, emergencies, and the imperative to reach a destination within stringent temporal constraints. These measures should be resorted to only in situations devoid of conventional alternatives, while conventional circumstances should never warrant their implementation.

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