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Reiki can Reverse the Bad Effects of Work Stress

Workplace stress management is the most common problem today. Stress in any workplace can be due to increased expectations, long working hours, excess work load, inadequate sleep and body rest, less time devoted to family, office politics, competition, lack of corporate recognition, job insecurity, company reorganization or new mergers and acquisitions. Here, Reiki has been very successful in helping corporates in all possible ways.

work-stressWork Stress can lead to frustration, decreased concentration, anxiety, higher anger levels, conflicts with colleagues and family members, depression, physical illnesses such as heart disease, stomach problems, back problems, frequent headaches, etc. To help people cope up with the work-related pressure and to increase productivity of the company, employees’ mind should be stable and


Aradhana Agrawal, the HOD of ECD Pvt Ltd., Mumbai, and mother of two young kids, and my niece, had a life saving experience with Reiki on 25th Sep 2008. That day in the morning around 7am, I received a call from her husband that after getting up that morning, her right hand and leg are numbed and she is not able to move them at all. He requested to send distance Reiki to her.

I started sending her Reiki distantly as I was in another city, Delhi. Her body was showing positive results but, they were off and on. I asked him to take  her to hospital. Doctors did some tests and informed that the reports will come around 2pm that day.

Reiki is a complimentary therapy, it goes very well with every other therapy available.

As her body was showing off and on response with each Reiki session, I sensed that she need continuous dose of Reiki. There is a method in Reiki in which one can send Reiki to someone continuously for 5-6 hours. With that method I started to send her Reiki continuously till 2pm, the time, reports were expected.

By the time the reports came, her partial paralysis was completely reversed. Reports were normal too. Doctors were surprised, how it happened. They kept her in hospital for another two days just to monitor her health as it was beyond their expectations.

At the time of discharge from the hospital, doctor advise her to rest for one month, and not to take any work stress. She took leave for one month from her work. And, now she is fine. Though, I did two courses of Reiki to nullify any possibilities of relapse. (One course of Reiki is consist of 21 sessions.)

Doctors concluded that she got partial paralysis because of over workload and stress that resulted in this condition. (Aradhana as the HOD of her company had to travel a lot and had vigorous working hours too. And, as her children were young, she had more stress of handling them, and their academic responsibilities too.)

Reiki had reversed partial paralysis, a bad effect of workload and stress. It works on all kind of work stress.

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