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“Reiki’s Miraculous Touch: Nurturing Life and Hope in Pregnancy”

I still remember the night of 12th September 2009. It was Saturday night, around 10.45pm, a lady named Mandita, called me and said she was a six month pregnant lady. She was hospitalized as she had developed a hole in her uterus and water was leaking, threatening the life of her unborn baby. She also had a vaginal infection. Her doctors were treating her from last three days, but could not control the infection and were not giving any guarantee to save her baby too. She said she had an eight year old son and after that, she had two miscarriages and again the third time, she was facing the same problem. She and her family had again lost all hopes of having another baby.

Suddenly she asked her husband to find out a Reiki Master as she wanted to take a last chance for her baby. Her husband found my name and number. She called me and told me everything about her physical condition and asked if I could help her. I said Yes, at least I could try. I told her to message me her details like- her full name, age, address and hospital’s name, address, ward number etc.

I started healing her from the same night and healed her twice a day. On fifth day, she was better and was discharged from the hospital safely with her unborn baby. Doctors asked her for a complete bed rest till the delivery time.

I treated her with two courses of healing. One course included 21 healing sessions. When her husband came to meet me, I asked him what he had experienced after Reiki healing to his wife. He said, his wife was better and the doctors were saying that they didn’t know what and how the baby had survived, and how this miracle was happening. Whatever had happened was beyond their imagination. This was proving that something was protecting my baby and that must be the Reiki energy.

After completing nine months, Mandita gave birth to a 3.2 kg healthy baby girl with a normal delivery. Their family was completed as they dreamt.

Reiki is a drug-less and very simple natural therapy. In this, positive energy of universe is passed in to the problematic area of the patient’s body. It works on all levels-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can be learnt very easily in one day. Its results have surprised a common man to specialist doctors many a times.

Reiki is very safe for a pregnant woman. Pregnancy is a special period for each woman’s life. In this period, a woman undergoes physical, hormonal and emotional changes. Sometimes pregnancy is filled with tension, sickness, fear and pain. In these cases, a pregnant woman needs special attention. Reiki is very helpful in conceiving, during pregnancy, at the time of delivery and all the problems faced after delivery by the mother or the baby. As no drugs are used in Reiki, it is a very safe therapy for a pregnant woman.

Reiki is a very gentle but very effective energy. There is no side or negative effects of Reiki. That’s why we even can treat babies which are still growing in their mother’s womb. Delivery can be made painless and normal with Reiki. It gives mental and emotional support to the mother and helps in the growth of her baby too.

Reiki creates stronger bonds between mother and baby. It builds confidence in motherhood too

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