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“Empowering Protection: Harnessing Reiki Energy to Safeguard Valuables

I received a call from one of my students, Mrs. Verma, today. She shared an intriguing incident involving the beneficial influence of Reiki energy that occurred a couple of days prior on the eve of Diwali. Accompanied by her family, she embarked on a shopping expedition at GIP Mall in Sector 18, Noida. Upon completing her shopping spree, she stationed herself outside the mall, awaiting her car.

Placing her bags and purse on a nearby bench, she proceeded to gather her bags as her car arrived. Unfortunately, in the flurry of the moment, her purse was left behind. During their journey home, her husband suggested they purchase some Diwali diyas. It was at this point that she realized her purse had been inadvertently abandoned at the mall. Acting swiftly, they retraced their steps, only to encounter a car breakdown en route.

In the face of this setback, her son proposed they hail an auto-rickshaw to expedite their return. During this transit, she harnessed the power of Reiki, directing positive energy towards her purse in hopes of safeguarding it. Upon reaching the mall, she was met with an unexpected and gratifying sight – her purse remained untouched. A treasury of jewelry and cash resided within her purse, and it was due to the fortuitous effects of Reiki that these possessions remained unscathed.

I have personally encountered a similar instance during a past Diwali season. Accompanied by my husband on Dhanteras, we embarked on a shopping excursion. With a substantial sum of money contained within my purse, I frequented a bustling steel utensil emporium. Engrossed in the process of finalizing my purchases, I handed some money to my husband to settle the bill. While awaiting the completion of my order, a sudden premonition prompted me to inspect my purse, revealing an astonishing sight – it lay open, with money protruding conspicuously. Bewildered, I considered the possibility of foul play, suspecting a nearby woman of attempted theft. Urging other patrons to take heed, my concerns reached the shop owner, who promptly escorted the implicated woman from the premises.

My steadfast dedication to the daily practice of Reiki has yielded manifold benefits. Beyond nurturing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, Reiki has become a catalyst for an encompassing positive transformation in life. It serves as a reliable deterrent against the intrusion of negative energies, a shield that extends to safeguarding one’s material possessions, such as finances, valuables, dwellings, vehicles, and even one’s cherished relations.

In summary, my experiences underscore the profound influence of daily Reiki practice in repelling negative energies, fostering holistic well-being, and guarding against

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