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“Transformation Through Reiki: A Journey from Turmoil to Equilibrium”

On the morning of Monday, July 11th, 2016, at approximately 7 o’clock, I received a telephone call from a resident in Noida. The caller, a concerned mother, conveyed that her daughter’s health was deteriorating, prompting an urgent request for an expeditious appointment. In response, I advised her to bring her daughter to my office at 8 am.

Promptly, at the designated hour, they arrived. The young girl exhibited continuous and pronounced bodily tremors, a manifestation of the issue she was grappling with. Despite retaining her mental faculties, she found herself unable to control the involuntary shaking of her body, which persisted unabated for extended periods. Additionally, she harbored apprehensions regarding receiving Reiki treatment, harboring concerns that the therapy might tamper with her spiritual beliefs and practices. I took the opportunity to reassure her that Reiki, being rooted in unequivocally positive energies, functions as a complementary therapy, aligning with her personal spiritual journey and refraining from any imposition on her existing practices.

Eager to comprehend the circumstances that led to her current state, I engaged in a conversation with her. She divulged that she had been engrossed in extensive self-guided study of diverse spiritual disciplines, coupled with unsupervised deep meditative practices. In the last 24 hours, she had experienced a pronounced awakening of her Kundalini energy, precipitating uncontrolled bodily vibrations. Her efforts to mitigate or regulate this surplus energy proved futile.

To address her condition, I initiated Reiki energy healing aimed at reestablishing equilibrium within her energetic framework, thereby curbing the incessant vibrations. Despite a sustained healing intervention that persisted for an hour and a half, her physical tremors persisted. Notwithstanding this, a notable shift transpired in her mental outlook, leading to constructive dialogue and rapport development. During our interaction, her body remained steady and devoid of vibrations.

Typically, protracted healing sessions yield positive outcomes. Yet, in this case, progress was primarily discernible at the cognitive level, with the physical vibrations evading complete cessation.

Upon learning that her mother possessed proficiency as a first-degree Reiki practitioner, I encouraged her to channel Reiki energy in tandem with my efforts. This collaborative approach, spanning an additional hour, regrettably failed to terminate the bodily vibrations.

Recognizing the significance of a comprehensive approach, I enlisted the assistance of my husband, himself a Reiki practitioner. The three of us worked in tandem, administering concurrent Reiki treatments. This concerted endeavor persisted for yet another hour, culminating in a marginal alleviation of her condition. The amplitude of bodily vibrations now exhibited intermittent pauses.

Subsequent to approximately 5 to 6 hours of continuous healing, they eventually departed for their residence.

In the days that ensued, the young woman returned accompanied by her mother for a follow-up session encompassing counseling and further Reiki treatment.

As time progressed, she undertook the journey to learn Reiki under my guidance. Embarking on a daily practice regimen, she exhibited a steady recovery trajectory.

Gradually, her bodily disturbances diminished, allowing her to reclaim a semblance of normalcy in her life.

Reinvigorated, she reignited her passion for painting, resuming her artistic pursuits with vigor. Her restored equilibrium is evident as she thrives in her pursuits, having triumphed over her earlier tribulations.


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