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“Reiki’s Protective Influence: A Journey of Lost and Found Belongings”

My husband and I embarked on a journey from India to Montreal on July 15th, 2019. Prior to our departure, I performed Reiki to ensure a secure and pleasant journey, extending the protective energy to all of our belongings. Our experience at Delhi airport proceeded smoothly.

During a layover at Heathrow airport, we were required to undergo a security check in order to transfer to another flight. This process involved placing our hand luggage in trays. Given my husband’s possession of a laptop, iPad, and other items, he utilized two trays. Following the security check, I retrieved my hand luggage, but regrettably, my husband inadvertently neglected to retrieve his belongings from one of the trays. This tray contained his laptop, iPad, and a small bag containing mobile chargers.

Since we had ample time, we decided to relax and dine in a VIP lounge. While resting, my husband realized he needed to charge his mobile device. It was then that he remembered leaving behind his small bag, which held all the chargers. Determined to rectify the situation, I offered to retrieve it for him.

Upon returning to the security check area, I noticed several aisles and became momentarily disoriented, unable to recall the specific aisle we had exited from. After scanning the surroundings for a while, I sought assistance from a staff member assigned to one of the aisles. Sensing my predicament, the staff member directed me to a police officer stationed in the vicinity, assuring me that he would be able to assist.

Approaching the police officer, I explained my oversight of leaving behind the bag after the security check. The officer kindly escorted me to various aisles in an attempt to locate the missing bag. Despite examining several aisles, the bag remained elusive. Suddenly, a recollection surfaced regarding a minor incident that occurred during the security check process. A female officer had conducted the inspection and requested that I remove my shoes, as closed footwear was prohibited. I clarified that I was wearing sandals rather than shoes, and she remarked on the attractiveness of the pair.

Realizing that the female officer may hold the key to identifying the aisle we had departed from, I made it my mission to locate her. Eventually, I spotted her among the staff and approached her. The police officer verified her role in conducting my security check, and I reminded her about the incident involving my sandals. She confirmed the encounter and provided us with the information we sought—the number of the aisle from which we had departed. We proceeded to that aisle and successfully located my bag, along with my husband’s forgotten laptop and iPad.

It is worth noting that Reiki not only ensured the safety of our journey but also safeguarded our luggage and belongings throughout the entire ordeal.

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