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“Cultivating Wellness: The Transformative Power of Reiki in Uterine Fibroid Management”

Over 50% of women are affected by fibroids, which are prevalent benign uterine growths.

Fibroids frequently remain asymptomatic, often eluding detection until medical examinations or abdominal ultrasounds bring them to light.

Comprising smooth muscle cells and connective tissue, fibroids exhibit gradual growth until the onset of menopause, after which they typically diminish, becoming small and calcified.

Manifestations and complications associated with uterine fibroids encompass abnormal menstrual bleeding, notably heavier and prolonged periods leading to potential anemia, along with bladder pressure contributing to heightened urinary frequency.

A range of approaches exists for managing uterine fibroids. Surgical interventions stand as the primary recourse when treatment becomes necessary. Viable surgical options encompass hysterectomy, involving the removal of the uterus along with the fibroids, and, in certain instances, total reproductive system extraction.

In September 2012, during a conversation with a college friend residing in Vadodara, Gujarat, I detected signs of distress. She confided experiencing protracted and painful periods for nearly a year, despite being 49 years old at the time. Inquiring further, she revealed a substantial uterine fibroid measuring approximately 6cm, attributing her prolonged and painful periods to its presence. The persistent heavy menstrual bleeding over the past year had led to anemia. She disclosed that her gynecologist had recommended surgical uterus removal as the sole solution, with surgery scheduled within a week.

Offering her Reiki healing, which she graciously accepted, I commenced a regimen of 21 distance healing sessions, administered thrice daily. The initial session occurred on the night of our conversation. Remarkably, the very next day witnessed a reduction in bleeding, ultimately culminating in a complete cessation after five days, a marked departure from the previously persistent 8-10 day duration. Concurrently, her gynecologist requested pre-surgery blood tests, which incidentally revealed elevated blood sugar levels despite her non-diabetic status. This fortuitous circumstance led to a surgery postponement, affording me extended time to channel Reiki energy for her well-being.

Reiki invariably operates in alignment with the recipient’s highest welfare. In my friend’s case, Reiki emerged as a fortuitous alternative to surgery, facilitated by her elevated blood sugar levels at the time, resulting in the deferral of her scheduled procedure.

Empowered by this experience, my friend resolved to grant herself additional time prior to committing to surgery. Subsequent menstrual cycles demonstrated normal bleeding patterns. Her engagement with Reiki healing persisted through 3-4 courses. Within two years, she transitioned into menopause, a natural phase typically commencing in one’s early 50s, signaling the culmination of reproductive capacity.

Over the past six years, she has remained free from gynecological or blood sugar-related issues.

I too confronted a sizable fibroid akin to hers, yet my commitment to daily Reiki practice, stemming from my role as a Reiki healer, shielded me from encountering the aforementioned distressing ordeal and spared me the typical symptoms of menopause.

I enthusiastically endorse every woman approaching her forties to consider acquiring Reiki proficiency and incorporate daily practice, as a proactive measure to preempt age-associated challenges.

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